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What happens when an investigative journalist investigates the skeletons in his family’s cupboard? Stuart Watson was put up for adoption by his birth mother the moment he was born after his biological father abandoned them. After four months in foster care, he was placed with adopting parents. Because it was a closed adoption, Stuart never knew that alcoholism ran in his family and that he had a full-blood brother and sister and all three siblings became alcoholics, despite being raised in different homes. Once Stuart got sober at mid life, he used his skills as an investigative journalist to track his origins, and was stunned at the story of his father and mother, who met in one of the largest mental hospitals in the world and went on to marry after his adoption. Stuart Watson is an American journalist who created the podcast ManListening – one man’s effort to better listen to women. Along the same lines he is set to publish his first book this fall: WHAT SHE SAID & WHAT I HEARD.Check him out and look for ManListening on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Stuart spent more than three decades as an investigative reporter across the southeastern U.S. His work on local television in places like music capital Nashville won major national awards and brought about reforms. He was awarded a Nieman Fellowship in Journalism at Harvard University. He and his wife Lorraine have four grown children. They live in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Originally posted on Youtube: 2020 6 10 Interview with Stuart Watson

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