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With Sobriety, Anything is Possible!

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To download the full program, click here: https://drexel.edu/cnhp/research/projects/2020-CAT-Colloquiuim/ 10:25¬†: Pre-Show:¬†Collaborative video and movement warm-up¬† 39:30¬†: Colloquium Start:¬†Moment of silence, Welcome and Orientation¬† 49:50¬†: Module 1:¬†CAT and Social Justice,¬†Dr. Abby Dougherty¬† 55:18¬†: A Grain of Rice Among Sand and Earth: Understanding Label and Unconscious Bias,¬†Arisa Chan¬† 1:04:05¬†: Microaggressions,¬†Embodied Privilege and Oppression,¬†Dance/Movement Therapy and Audience Impact:¬†A Social Justice Change Performative Project,¬†Erin Mc Dowell¬† ‚ÄĮ1:12:52¬†: Music Therapy and Counseling in Rural America: An Homage to Hillbilly Elegy,¬†Brent Rounsville.¬† ‚ÄĮ1:21:15¬†: The Patient/Provider Relationship as a Kaleidoscope: Developing Trust with Native Americans Seeking Healthcare,¬†Amanda Williams¬† 1:30:21¬†: Music Therapy Considerations for Working with Clients with Limited English Proficiency,¬†Natalie Maeda¬† 1:38:55¬†: Moving with the Black,¬†Pregnant Body: A Community-Based Project Investigating the Use of Movement and Social Connectedness to Increase Positive Pregnancy Experiences,¬†Emiley¬†Allison¬† 1:48:00¬†: Live Q&A: Moderators: Dawn Morningstar and Michelle Rattigan¬† 2:10:00¬†: Module¬†2:¬†Children and Youth,¬†Flossie Ierardi¬† 2:14:30¬†: How to Hold a Pearl: Talking to Kids About Intersectionality Through Story,¬†Jason Millard¬† 2:23:45¬†: Supporting Pediatric Chronic Pain Patients and Their Families Through Dance/Movement Therapy,¬†Celina Demeo¬† 2:32:10¬†: Welcoming¬†Pause: Exploring Mindfulness-Based Dance/Movement Therapy with Adolescents in a High School Setting,¬†Caroline Kinsley¬† 2:40:37¬†: Music Therapy and Counseling for LGBTQ+ Adolescents and Their Families: A Training for Mental Health Professionals,¬†Sarah¬†Shulbank-Smith¬† 2:49:10¬†: Empowering the Child: Supporting the Development of Emotional Regulation in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Through Movement, Rosa Ciara Mohan¬† 2:57:52¬†: Moving on the Same Wavelength:¬†An Informed Practice Application and Approach to¬†Relational¬†Synchrony in Dance/Movement Therapy for Children with Developmental Trauma, Gina Quinlan¬† 3:06:10¬†: Live Q&A 3:39:30¬†: Departmental awards:¬†presented to Creative Arts Therapy students by¬†Dr. Sherry Goodill and Dr. Dougherty, Remarks: Dr. Gitlin and Dr. Brooks¬† 4:09:30¬†: Module¬†3:¬†CAT Responses to Trauma and Resilience,¬†Scott Horowitz¬† 4:13:55¬†: Embodied Trauma and Movement in Art,¬†Lauren Dobbins¬† 4:24:17¬†: The Voices of Parts: Applying Internal Family Systems to Music Therapy in the Healing of Complex Trauma,¬†Anna Cephas¬† 4:32:55¬†: A Fulbright Grant Application: Assessing a Body-Based Approach for PTSD+DS,¬†Rebecca Renee Russ¬† 4:40:00¬†: The Integration of Music Therapy and Narrative Therapy in Treating Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Among Women,¬†Esther Hermiz¬† 4:49:25¬†: Mindful Art for Healthcare Professionals: A Method to Combat Compassion Fatigue,¬†Emily Wexler¬† 4:56:45¬†: Absolution and Defiance: Utilizing Dance/Movement Therapy in the Healing Journey of a Survivor of Human Trafficking,¬†Lara Elizabeth Tant¬† 5:05:20¬†: Live Q&A 5:38:39¬†: Module¬†4:¬†Innovative Approaches in CAT Practice,¬†Dr. Natalie Carlton¬† 5:43:10¬†: ABLE: An Informed-Practice Approach and Application for Dance/Movement Therapy for Medical¬†Rehabilitation¬†Setting. Rachael Mindas¬† 5:51:25¬†: The Development of a Music Therapy Greif Support Group for Young Adults,¬†Regina Brockway¬† 6:00:15¬†: Dance/Movement Therapy for Men who are Homeless and in Recovery: A Program Proposal,¬†Emma Sadler¬† 6:08:45¬†: Art Therapy Informed by Victorian Mourning Practices,¬†Sara¬†Doane¬† 6:17:00¬†: It Takes a Village: Using Dance/Movement Therapy and the Twelve-Step Recovery Model to Support Sobriety and Making Amends,¬†Marisela Hurtado¬† 6:25:50¬†: The Transfiguration of Desire: Using Dance/Movement Therapy to address Human sexuality and Intimacy within the Neurorehabilitation Setting,¬†Brittany Henderson¬† 6:33:45¬†: Live Q&A 6:56:18¬†: Module¬†5:¬†Sense and Being,¬†Dr. Christina Devereaux¬† 7:00:40¬†: Building¬†Multisensory¬†Awareness in Arts Participation,¬†Cara Hertneky¬† 7:09:15¬†: Self-Efficacy and Pain Management: A¬†Music¬†Therapy Consultant Model,¬†Ying Jian Luo¬† 7:17:55¬†: Creative Response Art and Its Role in Developing Professional Identity,¬†Ashley Caldaro¬† ‚ÄĮ7:24:00¬†: Mirror Neurons,¬†Interoception,¬†and Empathy: How Interpersonal¬†Neurobology¬†Can Support Dance/Movement Therapy,¬†Practice,¬†and Research,¬†Lydia¬†DiIordio¬† 7:31:15¬†: Transforming Therapeutic Space with ‚Äúlight and Play‚ÄĚ,¬†Gopi Shah¬† 7:39:30¬†: Light Painting Photography in a Rehabilitation Hospital,¬†Phil Forrest¬† 7:47:45¬†: Live Q&A 8:13:20¬†: Closing remarks¬†by¬†Dr. Goodill¬†and¬†live¬†celebrations¬†with the¬†colloquium¬†presenters and organizers.¬† Technical director: Dr. Arun Ramakrishnan
Originally posted on Youtube: 2020 CAT Colloquium (Live Streamed: June 10, 2020) #DrexelCNHP

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