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On September 17, 2019 Arkansas State Police Trooper Robbie Stewart was on patrol in Jackson County when he received a call. Someone had called 911 to advise that he was following a truck whose driver was “all over the road” and “driving at a high rate of speed … running vehicles off the road.” Less than three minutes later Trooper Stewart had the 2018 Jeep Compass pulled over. Seconds later, Stewart discovered that its driver was Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputy Adam Joseph Zitzelberger Zitzelberger insisted that he was fine, but the trooper was having none of it and responded directly: “Adam, you’re drunk.” Zitzelberger blew more than twice the legal limit on a preliminary breath test, was physically incapable of performing standardized field sobriety tests, and returned a solid .187% BAC on the breathalyzer test back at the station. Adam Joseph Zitzelberger was arrested for Speeding, More Than 15 MPH Over Limit and Driving While Intoxicated – DWI 1st. On October 23, 2019 Zitzelberger pleaded guilty to all charges and received a 30-day suspended jail sentence. He was also ordered to complete a mandatory DUI class. As you can see from the disciplinary memo at the end of this video, his predictions about this ending his career did not come true. Follow us on Twitter @realworldpolice Music: “Enjoy Yourself” by Steven O’Brien ~~~ Want to help make Real World Police happen and get rewarded for it? Become a supporter on Patreon today! Supporters get access to: -Exclusive full-length Real World Police videos -The Roadcam series -Supporting documentation: police reports, court records, and other investigatory material -Material from cases not shown on the main channel, like the arrest of Chris Hansen and the detention of T-Pain that one time he accidentally tried to bring a gun through airport security -Early access to some videos -And more! https://patreon.com/realworldpolice Prefer PayPal? https://paypal.me/realworldpolice Prefer nothing? That works too. There are more than 425 free videos to enjoy!
Originally posted on Youtube: Arkansas Trooper Arrests Sheriff's Deputy for DUI

25 thoughts on “Arkansas Trooper Arrests Sheriff's Deputy for DUI

  1. 0 to 10 This guy was a 9 meaning he was still barely able to stand, I as a retired cop says, What's good for the goose, there was no side ways to handle this driver regardless of his job.
    Good job Trooper! 👍🏻

  2. And if it wasn't for these cameras and audio I would take you home and tuck you in and shit I prolly would have stopped at the 7/11 and bought you a 6 pack and sammich!! This is b.s. and his vehicle should have been towed, more bullshit!!

  3. This dude got off super easy. Apart from all the money he’s gonna have to spend in court and the fact that he should have to do a little jail time he should be at LEAST suspended 6 months if it fired. It’s one thing to get a DUI but to get one as a cop that’s just a bit ridiculous

  4. Out of respect!! Out of respect!! Would you still be uttering these words if you were still out there on the highway sheeting mangled mamas, daddies and babies??? You drink and drive, why all the respect??

  5. why were all the tests not performed in the field like normal?….why the special trip to a well lit and controlled environment?…. why no handcuffs?….why the special treatment of vehicle?…everyone else would have been towed?……good ol boy taking care of each other in action folks!!

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