I am Sobriety

With Sobriety, Anything is Possible!

This is a brand new documentary showing how this one time Ska covers band are now an original BritSka supergroup! In these series of Documentaries you’ll find out how the band came to be, their influences, the transition from ska covers band to 100% self penned BritSka, Why the change, How the change, where they’ve been, where they are going and everything else in between! IF YOU THINK YOU KNOW THE COMMS – I’D SAY WATCH THIS! This documentary is being filmed whilst the county is in lockdown, footage is being created whilst confined to our homes, the rebrand that had been planned so carefully ripped up and rebranded itself! so for the foreseeable future this is how it will be – However, a tour and relaunch gigs are being planned so more footage will follow – watch this space and above all STAY SAFE! Subscribe to our channel and keep updated!
Originally posted on Youtube: BritSka band The Comms – Documentary – 15 Minutes of sobriety!

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