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Originally posted on Youtube: Edema / Water Retention / Swelling – Lasting Longer than a Year in Recovery

8 thoughts on “Edema / Water Retention / Swelling – Lasting Longer than a Year in Recovery

  1. Many people who do diet and go extreme do not listen to their bodies and lack common sense. If they need constant direction then they should not be on that diet. People fail to meet their goals because they fail to listen , fail to research and fail to plan. People have a hard time with some diets because their bodies are used to constant toxin's being put into the body. That just means they will need to slow down. But our Commercial Overlords will continue to conn us into feeding ourselves crap.

    Love your smile by the way <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. OMG THIS IS SO ME…..ESPECIALLY IN MY STOMACH AREA AND LEGS……REAL BAD….ive been to dr after dr and they all tell me cut all carbs, do keto, do gluton free , take laxitive and water pills ect…..and it only gets worse….

  3. It's so hard when the info comes from a medical doctor who specializes in treating eating disorders and is also HAES aligned. I was so alarmed to hear some of the things she has said about recovery that go against a lot of the things I've learned.

  4. So needed to hear this as I was one of those confused people. Also interesting that you mention getting every cold virus out there as that is what has happened so far for me too. I am 21 months in and I am going to continue by faith. Thanks for talking about this as I was having doubts.

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