I am Sobriety

With Sobriety, Anything is Possible!

My attitude is fuck you bitch you not perfect Spent so much time tryna treat you like you worth it All you ever did was make a bear feel worthless Wonder why I never sleep bitch you got me hurting Blew up over love songs Wonder if I love wrong All I do is reminisce Wonder what I done wrong but I ain’t do shit But I ain’t do shit, yeah Remeber you would cry to me Couldn’t do it quietly All these damn drugs Give a fuck about sobriety Got me so low you baby look pretty high to me Told me that you care Tell me would you lie to me? Fuck, You couldn’t love me through the distance Back when we were closer I had you busting like the pistons I was on a roll just like you be rolling swishes Till you shot me in the heart You couldn’t leave a witness Damn, lost love due to ego Rapping from the heart And singing like I’m NE-YO Yelling out fuck you Feeling like I’m CEE-LO You could love him But you couldn’t love me though #TeddyMusic #Ego
Originally posted on Youtube: Ego

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