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Enhancing Self Efficacy is essential when enhancing motivation for change. Self Efficacy is self confidence. By increasing confidence that you can make positive changes in your life, you will be more likely to continue even when it gets tough. In this video, Dr. Dawn Elise Snipes talks about how to increase self confidence (efficacy) in order to gain momentum in your recovery. Click SUBSCRIBE and the BELL above to be notified when we add new videos and when Dr. Snipes hosts open discussions. The Clinician’s guide to help you use this video to facilitate groups can be found at https://youtube.com/allceuseducation in the playlist Quickstart Guide for Addiction Recovery Video by Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes providing a quickstart guide with practical self-help tools to help you recover from addiction, anxiety, depression and more and live happier! Clinicians can earn CEUs at AllCEUs.com in the course Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Unit 1 People who are not yet certified can begin the 100% online addiction counselor certification training program or online recovery specialist certification training program at https://www.allceus.com/certificate-tracks/addictions-counselor-certification-training/ #LPCCEUs #LMHCCEUS #LADCCEUs #CADCCEUS #ADACB #NCACCEUS #MCAP #addictionsacademy
Originally posted on Youtube: Enhancing Self Efficacy Part 1 of 2 Quickstart Guide for Addiction Recovery

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