I am Sobriety

With Sobriety, Anything is Possible!

Lynne Hanson is a popular singer/songwriter whose new album, Just Words, will be released in February of 2020. Lynne has built a large and loyal following in Canada and Europe through her โ€œporch music with a little red dirt.โ€ She has been described as Canadaโ€™s own queen of Americana, singing songs about life and love with a touch of blues, a touch of roots, and a lot of heart. Join us for a fun conversation about her new album, the practice of creativity, the music business, art, sobriety, and murder ballads. Oh, and climbing on things. Follow Lynne at https://www.lynnehanson.com/. Follow the show at https://www.john-huff.com/.
Originally posted on Youtube: Episode #30: Still Climbing With Lynne Hanson

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