I am Sobriety

With Sobriety, Anything is Possible!

This week Nick and Pedro are divided by race, solidifying what the deep state has wanted all along. We up out of here like Meghan and Harry. Nick’s slinging beanie babies while Pedro haggles at garage sales. What’s your candle smell like? We hate sobriety. J Beebs takes reigns as the new pedo king #yummy. Would you rather get shot or stabbed? Thanks for listening! Amor y Paz!! iTunes- podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/who-…re/id1398500823 . SoundCloud- @user-304038354 . Instagram- www.instagram.com/whodoyouthinkyouarepod/ . Google Play- play.google.com/music/listen? . YouTube- www.youtube.com/channel/UCtHmqXUvzJuz2EkZpVhrwpg? view_as=subscriber . Spotify- open.spotify.com/show/0XWBmBY3HN5…AhSCmfVAIErf2fsg . Twitter-twitter.com/Whodoyoupodcast
Originally posted on Youtube: Episode 79 : That Candle Smells Fishy

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