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Welcome to today’s show! WHAT WE’LL LEARN: Bill talks about his drinking becoming a problem at age 40 but it wasn’t until his 50’s that he reached out for help What Bill found helpful regarding the intensive outpatient program structure What Bill felt was scary about going to a support group for the first time Bill goes through the motivational tools found in Smart Recovery Bill’s wife receives a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer and he explains how the program helped him with those intense feelings like morning the loss of a loved one Bill talks about how one can tell if SMART is right for you How does one’s faith or religious belief system fit into Smart Recovery What Bill’s message is to family members who struggle with a loved one battling addiction RESOURCES MENTIONED www.smartrecovery.org (check out the meeting locator) Friends and Family Meetings A.I.R. Private Facebook Group For more info, head over to atheistsinrecovery.com and subscribe to our email list. And thank you for listening! Leave an honest review on ITUNES. Your ratings and reviews really help and I read each one. Subscribe to the A.I.R. newsletter where you will learn to identify patterns of dysfunctional thinking, change the dysfunctional thinking into something more positive, and find hope in recovery.
Originally posted on Youtube: Finding Motivation in Recovery

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