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In this video we’re going to be discussing how to get clean and sober from drugs and alcohol. Why do people get clean and go back? This is the dilemma a lot of addicts and alcoholics face while attempting to getting & staying sober. Addicts like me lose their health, their wife, their family, their job, their money, you name it. Why do they keep going back to using drugs or alcohol? In this video we’re going to be discussing the KEY to getting and staying clean off of all drugs and alcohol and to be most importantly free from the need to drink or use drugs. I have over 4 years clean and this is the video that I think a lot of people who truly desire to stop using will really enjoy and learn something from. I’m here to give you hope. My Wifes Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZKmbtXv6veu427GD10uDYA If you are struggling or if you’re a family member/ spouse please feel free to contact me for help.I’m here to help in anyway I can. TEXT ME HERE: (509) 866-6710 My Recovery Community App DISCORD: https://discord.gg/wcqbM9r Snapchat: dereklambert7 Instagram: @DerekLambert_7 https://www.instagram.com/dereklambert_7/ Twitter: DerekLambert_7 https://twitter.com/DerekLambert_7 Derek’s Facebook Page Rewired Addiction: https://www.facebook.com/dereklambertpage/ Derek’s Rewired Addiction Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rewiredaddiction/ Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/DerekLambert Email Me: dereklambert4help@gmail.com To help me with this recovery community you can donate to my PayPal which helps a ton or become a patron supporter. Paypal.me/dereklambert7 https://www.patreon.com/DerekLambert I truly appreciate everyone who has supported my mission. I love you all thank you!
Originally posted on Youtube: How To Stay Clean From Drugs & Alcohol (#1 KEY TO STAYING SOBER)

11 thoughts on “How To Stay Clean From Drugs & Alcohol (#1 KEY TO STAYING SOBER)

  1. I'm on day 21 off of intravenous heroin use. I'm currently om a methadone program and take 50mgs a day. I tried to cold turkey a year ago amd the experience was so brutal it left my.mental health an absolute wreck, this time im going to work a methadone program, stay of the heroin and start to deal with the underlying issues left over from childhood. I'm going in to am inpatient treatment centre in about six months whem my methadone.reduces a little bit. Your videos have given me strength and im considering starting a channel to document my journey, there is not a lot of people in the uk doing it right now.

    P.s so glad to see that kurt was doing well again in the last few videos!

  2. One of the best discussions i have seen on youtube. We need an a-z because once you have watched this,it goes out you head the next time your drug of choice is about. If you know what i mean. Did 12 days and i am now struggling again. Although going aa,ca,ga, etc 2moro.

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