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Juice WRLD | Gone But Not Forgotten | Jarad Higgins Full Biography SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/2z9TmzZ December 8th, 2019 was a remarkably sad day for the world of hip hop, music and entertainment as a whole. At only 21 years old, Jarred Higgins better known as Juice Wrld passed away. It’s with a heavy heart we are bringing you this video in tribute of Juice Wrld 999 in a video we have titled Gone But Not Forgotten. I’ve seen a ton of artists come up over the years and Juice Wrld, was an exception… I witnessed that mans career from start to finish and can truly say he was a one of a kind talent. He wasn’t in the SoundCloud freshman class but came up a few years later and here were a ton of things the separated him from his counterparts. For one, the music, he was emo, he grew up on rock and showed a great appreciation for a wide variety of genres and was a self described old soul. He also rapped about depression, addiction and heartbreak which are themes often overlooked in hip hop. On top of all this, he was a world famous but had decided to lock it down in a committed relationship. Our prayers go out to his girlfriend and family. The dude was an all around lovable guy and at 21 years of age he had lived more than most of us ever will. With that said, he also had a long history of drug use. This video was made as a tribute, please share your condolences and pay your respects. #juicewrld #beforetheyweregone #biography #ripjuicewrld
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  1. What Jarred said about the meds in The 5th grade. It's crazy. What kid is gonna act "normal" all the time? None. They told my mom I needed it. She said hell no! Ur not putting my kid on drugs, not only that but as a single parent she couldn't afford it. I did just fine in school. Thank you very much 😊. Blessings to all🙏

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