I am Sobriety

With Sobriety, Anything is Possible!

Thanks for watching shed talk 2, meet some of the family, the white side. Happy thanksgiving!!! Happy holidays!!! Vine,meme, compilation, world star, world star hip hop, hip hop, hood, urban, thug, thug life, try not to laugh, laughs , cringe, try not to cringe, vine like, like vine, meme like,like meme, memes, like memes, compilation like,like compilation, vine compilation,meme compilation, try not to laugh compilation, cringe compilation, thug life compilation, world star like, like world star, world star hip hop like, like world star hip hop, goofy vines, silly vines,funny vines, vines that make me, vines I watch, vines I watch instead, vines I watch instead of,silly memes, goofy memes, hilarious vines, hilarious memes, moments, funny moments, silly moments, cringe moments, goofy moments, home, home video,home video like, like home video, comedy, comic, comical, thug like, thug life, thug life like, like thug life, thug life compilation, roast, funny roast, silly roast, goofy roast, family roast, roast cringe, clever roast, roast like,battle, roast battle roast Battle like, Oklahoma Lawton Oklahoma Lawton cash Cache Oklahoma Mexican Mexican American Chicano Chicano American rasa Aztec Mayan Native American culture Mexican culture American culture Chicano culture white culture German culture family Family Values family tradition Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner holidays holiday gathering family party family get together aunt ants uncle uncles cousins cousin girlfriends boyfriends girlfriend boyfriend nephew nephews nice nieces dogs big dogs small dogs Family Affair celebration holiday celebration family celebration love happiness country Native America outside the city limits Farm Life Ranch life City Life music hip hop music country music rock music metal music party music 2019 November 2019 Thanksgiving 2019 Thanksgiving November 2019 winter 2019 fall 2019 cold ever Age music ever age zombies zombie Zombeats Zombeats a.k.a. Zombeats aka, Zombeats a.k.a Mateo, Zombeats a.k.a chin_kankles, aka Mateo, a.k.a. Mateo, marijuana weed marijuana use Weed Eater use effect of effects of marijuana effects of weed long term use long term use of marijuana long-term use of weed pot long term use of pot effects of pot alcohol effects of alcohol long term effects of alcohol drinking alcohol smoking weed smoking marijuana marijuana culture weed culture alcohol culture drunk life drunk drunk like hi I like high life bongs pipes blunts dabs dab rig dab shots shot beer tequila whiskey rum games family games fun family fun laughter family laughter video games Outlander lag internet connection slow internet slow internet connection virtue family virtue self self-esteem self worth value oneself hope faith prayer God Jesus Jesus Christ Christmas holy religious religion normal unnormal like PewDiePie like mrbeast light coryxkenshin podcast podcast like entertainment entertainment like art artist artistic R&B singing R&B singers vibe vibes happy strange hardcore hardcore videos uncut uncensored uncut like uncensored like hardcore like shame no shame friends reunions family reunions family reunions friend mature mature conversations adult adult conversations topic Topix what’s your topics adult topics pass out sobriety health weight loss struggles struggle 100 100% 100% real
Originally posted on Youtube: Meet some of the family (the white side)Shed talk 2

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