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Mental Healing -The power to heal mental shifts and illness https://powerlisting.fandom.com/wiki/Mental_Healing Also Called: Mental Curing/Restoration Mind Healing/Curing/Restoration Trauma Healing (The user can heal mental illnesses, disorders and other forms of mental trauma, to their healthy state and reverse the effects of mental tampering, such as mind control or memory loss) includes: Memory Restoration -The power to heal memories that have been altered or deleted Mental Release -The power to remove certain mental attributes. Sobriety Restoration -The ability to restore sobriety. Vertigo Negation -The power to nullify the effect of vertigo. Curing -The power to remove illness, mutation, diseases or any induced conditions. includes: Conversion Curing: Cure on-going transformations. Disease Curing: Cure all ailments. Monster Curing: Cure all monsters of their malformations. Poison Curing: Cure all poisonous substances. Flaw Curing: Cure all weaknesses. Mental Curing: Cure all mental shifts that makes an person a servant to another being. Mutation Curing: Cure Mutations. Conversion Negation: Reverting victims of conversion to their original state by restoring their original DNA. Curing: Restoring their original DNA cures such things as mutations. Mutation Reversion: As mutations are changes in the DNA sequence, restoring DNA reverts them. Telomere Regeneration: Restoring their original DNA may also restore their telomeres to their original length. Reverting damage caused by Genetic Cutting. Power Curing: Remove all abilities from a being by making them normal. The ability to eliminate the powers of others Undead Curing: Cure resurrected/undead beings by giving them life. Flawless Restoration -The ability to heal/mend all kinds of damage, including mental, conceptual, emotional, spiritual, mystical, and physical. Healing -The power to restore biotic organisms to their optimal health Regrowth -The power to regrow organs and limbs. Limb Regrowth -The power to regrow limbs after separation. Tooth Regrowth -The power to regrow teeth. Mental Manipulation -The power to manipulate thoughts, mindsets, and upper brain functions of others (full Description in pinned post:)) + Genetic Mutation# Access-silent,subliminal https://youtu.be/nz1CrwQnpRU + Healing Abilities# Manipulation-silent,subliminal https://youtu.be/xBn4T4dppMk + Psychic Shield,Subconscious Booster-silent,subliminal,combo https://youtu.be/7N9bq7tnaU0 + Biological Manipulation#Biokinesis#Organic Life Manipulation,Booster-silent,subliminal,booster https://youtu.be/cwFiuq3YBE4 + DNA Generation#Manipulation,Booster-silent,subliminal,booster,combo https://youtu.be/Bds4HN0todU + Hypnosis & Mind Control-subliminal,silent https://youtu.be/AeMAWsNh5-A + Life Creation-silent,subliminal,combo https://youtu.be/drqUiP-9j_I rest in pinned post:)
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  1. Mental Manipulation


    Addiction Manipulation

    -The power to manipulate addictions.

    Anima Manipulation

    -The power to manipulate animas.

    ASMR Manipulation

    -The power to manipulate ASMR.

    Attention Manipulation

    -The power to manipulate others' attention.

    Behavior Manipulation

    -The power to manipulate the behavior of lifeforms.

    Characteristic Removal

    -The ability to remove the specific characteristics of others.

    Communication Shift

    -The ability to alter the communicative abilities of others.

    Comprehension Manipulation

    -The ability to manipulate what is known and unknown

    Information Transferal

    -The ability to transfer information/knowledge.

    Confidence Manipulation

    -The power to manipulate confidence.

    Confusion Manipulation

    -The ability to manipulate confusion

    Consciousness Shattering

    -The power to fragment/shatter a target's conscious/subconscious mind

    Consciousness State Manipulation

    -The ability to manipulate states of consciousness

    Consciousness Transferal

    -The power to transfer one's consciousness into another body

    Mind Exchange

    -The power to switch minds with other beings.

    Dream Manipulation

    -The power to manipulate dreams.

    Emotion Manipulation

    -The power to manipulate emotions.

    Fatigue Manipulation – Mental only.

    -The power to manipulate fatigue on oneself or others.

    Function Scramble

    -The power to scramble functions of others


    -The ability to make suggestions to the subconscious of others.

    Command Inducement

    -The power to command other beings


    -The power to control people with the power of one's voice

    Illusion Manipulation

    -The power to manipulate illusions.

    Illusion Generation

    -The power to generate illusions

    Imagination Manipulation

    -The power to manipulate imagination.

    Instinct Manipulation

    -Power to to manipulate instincts

    Instinct Inducement

    -The ability to induce instincts onto others

    Madness Manipulation

    -The power to manipulate madness.

    Maturity Manipulation

    -The power to manipulate maturity

    Memory Manipulation

    -The power to control memories

    Mental Assimilation

    -The power to assimilate and be composed by multiple minds all fuse into one

    Mental Attacks

    -The ability to release/use mental powers to various attacks.

    Mental Disorder Manipulation

    -The power to manipulate mental disorders.

    Mental Hallucination

    -The power to create high level mental hallucinations

    Mental Healing

    -The power to heal mental shifts and illness

    Mental Inducement

    -The ability to temporarily push the target's mind/brain into a desired state.

    Mental Nullification

    -The power to suppress or negate the mind.

    Mental Pressure

    -The power to apply pressure to others' minds

    Mental Reset

    -The power to reset the mind of target.

    Mind Control

    -The power to control the minds of others

    Convinced Inevitability

    -The power to convince others of virtually anything

    Mind Creation

    -The ability to create minds.

    Mind Reading

    -The power to sense the thoughts of people.

    Neurocognitive Deficit

    -The ability to shut down a person's brain functions, rendering them unconscious

    Neuro-Psychic Knowledge

    -The power to manipulate wiring and functions in the cerebellum.

    Pain Manipulation

    -The power to manipulate personas.

    Persona Manipulation

    -The power to manipulate personas.

    Personality Absorption

    -The ability to absorb the personality of others and use them in some way.

    Personality Splitting

    -The power to split personality.

    Power Augmentation

    -The ability to enhance the powers of oneself or others.

    Power Negation

    -The power to nullify the powers of others.

    Primal Imprint

    -The ability to imprint the primal characteristics of any animal onto targets.

    Psyche Manipulation

    -The power to manipulate the id, ego and superego

    Psychic Shield

    -The power to be highly resistant to psychic attacks

    Selection Manipulation

    -The power to manipulate selections and choices.

    Sleep Manipulation

    -The ability to control the sleep functions of oneself and in others

    Social Interplay Manipulation

    -The power to manipulate social interaction.

    Stress Manipulation

    -The power to manipulate stress

    Subconscious Manipulation

    -The power to manipulate the subconscious.

    Thought Manipulation

    -The power to control the thoughts of others


    Bioacoustic Disruption or Bio-Acoustic Disruption: To cause a subject's brain to falter in communication, causing an interruption in speech and hearing.

    Confusion Inducement: To cause confusion.

    Conscious Mind Suppression: To suppress one's conscious mind.

    Distraction: To disrupt the attention span.

    Faculty Diminution: To suppress mental access to one's skills.

    Knowledge Projection: To project knowledge into another mind.

    Lie Inducement: To nullify the utterance of truth.

    Logorrhea: To force others to keep speaking.

    Mental Entity Physiology: Turn oneself into mental energy.

    Mental Breakdown: To cause psychological breakdowns and mental collapse.

    Mental Release: To release/remove mental attributes.

    Mental Scramble: To scramble someone's mind.

    Mind Absorption: To absorb someone's mind.

    Mind Imprisonment: To imprison the users in their minds.

    Mind Summoning: To summon anything from the mind.

    Misdirection: To disorient others' sense of direction.

    Motor Continuity: To shut down motor function control so that a subject keeps moving.

    Palindromic Action Inducing: To make others act backward.

    Personality Alteration: To partially/completely change the personality.

    Psychic Bestowal: To magnify a subject’s knowledge capacity.

    Psychic Photography: To imprint marks, images or writing onto the minds of others.

    Psychic Sealing: To seal secrets within others.

    Stupefaction: To induce a mental stupor in others.

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