I am Sobriety

With Sobriety, Anything is Possible!

There is no heaven, only hell. We’re living in it. Check out Prod. ti. Munni’s store for unique alternative beats: https://www.timunnii.com/ Instagram: ‘ti. Munnii’ Lyrics: (Chorus) There’s no Heavan! (8x) (I’m not okay, okay, okay, k- okay okay!) (Verse) I guess it.. started off just when I was a kid, I’ve been losing motivation tryna not pull the pin, I’ve been running out of options let my demons come in, ive been running out of boxes labelled my medicine, and I’ve been.. calling out cause I’m in need of some help, sick dragging my own feet because i took em through hell, They put the blame on anxiety lost in sobriety, wronged by society with hate notoriety, Benzodiazepines they cure my insanity, Life is a tragedy no place for the vanity, ain’t a case of morality i plead for brutality, Lost my humanity I float with the gravity So brace for calamity and raise your profanity, they feed us the drugs for our unstable personalities, they praise for normality the sheep in society, That label us as different those afraid for their mentality, (Chorus)
Originally posted on Youtube: No Heaven (Prod. ti. Munnii)

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