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Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/OofCinemixOfficial?sub_confirmation=1 Psychedelic eclectic electro music and video designer. Master/ Specialist of synchronized films on surreal, activist and spiritual topics. You can find on this channel DJ OOF’s musical creations and audiovisual projects on various topics, remixed french films, activism, space, animation, McLaren, psychedelism, and many more surprises: mashups of found footage, his music and musical collaborations. http://www.oof.cx/ for 60 other music videos, news and DJ mixes : DISCOGRAPHY DJ, director and international VJ, with more than 500 audiovisual shows given in more than 40 countries and famous festivals (Montreux, Burning man, Cannes, etc.), Dj Oof has produced 15 eclectic mixtapes, the album Cinémix (Universal), and disks under many nicknames : Zzouf in 2004 (breakbeat with Zero dB on Tru Thoughts (Bonobo), Lunivers in 2013, with the single house-pop « Happy Route » (playlist Radio Nova). Fervent ecologist, he felt guilty to take the plane therefore he created songs and videoclips with solutions to change the world, available in is his EP JAÏS in 2016. DJ Oof’ is also a video director, he has made 70 musical synchronized works « found footage or mashups» on different topics : french films (Jacques Tati, etc), Norman McLaren (ONF), activism, aviation (Safran), work (Darty), animation (Festival d’Annecy and Disney), psychedelism, vintage advertisement (Publivores) and erotism. Hi last creation in 2019, the origins of electronic music through INA archives, has been released with J.B. Dunckel (AIR). BIOGRAPHY Jaïs Fred Elalouf aka Oof is an artistic director and founder of the communication agency Ping Pong which has assisted the label Ninja Tune since 1998 that has brought to the forefront Hyphen Hyphen, Gotan Project, Gonzales, Birdy Nam Nam, Molécule… Jaïs has produced more than 200 events in Paris (festivals, clubs, concerts…) among them the “ Nuits Ouf du Centquatre”. He also has gathered one of the world largest psychedelic art collection and he has been the commissioner of more than 50 exhibitions (Biennale de Lyon, Grande Halle…) including the Psychedelic Art Center (www.psychedelick.com ). He is also producing the only radio show about psychedelism « Psychedelic Wave », (le Mellotron, 22 podcasts). Last but not least, he programmes and co-produce the INA festival INASOUND sponsored by Jean-Michel Jarre. PROJET GLOBAL For his first EP en solo « Infinie Expansion », ethnic influences, electro and progressive rock were mixed up with ecologist activists’, Cyril Dion et Nicolas Hulot, interviews. 80 others international celebrities joined the project “ Be The Change” the documentary that nourrit la musique de « Oof ». The alternative concrete solutions given to change the world were various, from the distribution of wealth and the pleasing sobriety to the benefits of each one of our actions. Jaïs denounces our system that does not defend the fundamental human needs : clean air, healthy eating and pure water. My best of playlist : https://bit.ly/2YiAYAz My most popular videos: https://bit.ly/2Uer29J My email to contact me : oof@pingpong.fr Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/djoofcinemix/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Oof.DjOof/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/therealoof Twitter: https://twitter.com/JaisOof #DJ #mashup #psychedelic #ecology #experimental #electro #rock #foundfootage #remix #McLaren #psychedelism #activism #movies #films #cartoon
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