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#dui #owi #alcohol #filmthepolice #accountability #freedomofthepress Police pull over Vehicle and accused driver of being under the influence, Then while performing Exercises man Fails the physical tests and I’m thinking dang this guys about to be arrested but then he Blows a 0.00 lol proof when people say they cant do these Exercises when they are sober does really exist. How many people have been ARRESTED for failing these test then refuse to blow or allow blood draw and are automatically found guilty for refusing. 1st/2nd amendment auditing Copwatch Your News Now Tippecanoe county sheriff Lafayette, Indiana PLEASE HELP SUPPORT MY WORK HERE https://www.paypal.me/YourNewsNow
Originally posted on Youtube: Proof DUI/OWI Field Sobriety Tests Are A SCAM Tippecanoe County Sheriff Lafayette, Indiana

37 thoughts on “Proof DUI/OWI Field Sobriety Tests Are A SCAM Tippecanoe County Sheriff Lafayette, Indiana

  1. Field sobriety tests are completely voluntary. Please refuse them unless you need an extra 10-15 minutes to get a little more alcohol out of your bloodstream before the breathalyzer.

  2. What ppl don't understand is u can refuse all those tests the number on the portable breathalyzer cannot be used in court lrarn ur rights ppl it saved me 5-6k in dui classes,stop letting the police bullshit u learn the law!!!!!

  3. People, if you agree to do the sobriety test, and again you don’t have too, but if you do, always ask the pig to do it first. I don’t mean for the pig just to show how to do it , but I mean the whole test. Now you are not refusing at this point, you merely want to see how he wants you to do it so you could do it exactly the way the pig does it.

  4. I have a busted right knee from serving in the U.S. Marines (Among a ton of other injuries.)
    I couldn't "pass" ANY of their bogus "tests." Except the Breathalyzer (Which I would NEVER submit to on Principle*, and a Blood Test.
    Bastards earning the Hate, every Date!
    By-the-way, you seen Piggy Wilson, the son-uva-bitching bully coward, lately?
    You're doing GREAT, Brian! Sic 'em!
    * "Officer, you're NOT gonna stick your penis (Plastic or otherwise) in my mouth!"

  5. I have absolutely ZERO tolerance for Drunk/Drugged Drivers! RAM the drunkards and JAIL them for at least a year.
    They KILL other folks, ON A REGULAR BASIS (If they kill themselves, that's OK, of course.)
    They better be DRUNK/DRUGGED; not framed by the POE-leece!

  6. in some states you cant refuse the FST. Here in Colorado we can refuse them, but we cannot refuse the blood or the breath test. Make sure you know what the law is in your state. There is no upside to taking the FST, chances are your gonna get arrested anyways, why would you want to give them evidence to use against you? I recently beat a DUID case. Stone cold sober but arrested anyways. The DA couldnt drop that dog of a charge fast enough, but it didnt stop him from trying to get me to sign a plea bargain a full 60 days before the results of the blood test came back. But my lawyer is a fucking back alley knife brawler, worth every cent I pay him. Still and all you spend 4 grand just to have the Dirty DA dismiss the charge for lack of evidence. Let me just say that one more time, LACK OF EVIDENCE, thats cuz I refused to hand them anything. The arrest isnt the end of the story, its only the beginning, and he who laughs last, laughs best. Make them prove that shit in a court of law, and for fucks sakes dont give them anything to use against you, they are gonna say you failed anyways, no matter how you preform. Those tests are designed to fail. They prove nothing. Once in a DUI trial, the defense had a jury member take the FST and she failed all the tests and she was sober. So that tells you something. That case was tossed out on its ass even tho the driver blew a .08. They still couldnt prove he was impaired and they proved the FST was bogus to begin with.

  7. they are going to keep making up shit for people to do till they can steal
    everybody's car they pull over! so they can add it to their Bonus! The gangs in blue!
    people got to Vote them out, starting from the top down!!!!!
    and way did Trump tell them they don't have to be nice to us? it's like he don't care!

  8. An arrest means nothing without a conviction. Without a breathalyzer or a blood test, they can't even lock you up once you get to the station and pass. The machine spits out a printout so the cops can't lie about it. Nice try, but I think "proof" and "scam" is a bit far reaching on this title.

  9. Hey, I just found your channel and sub'd right away! You clearly have quite a bit of experience and it's an extra treat, for me, finding a skilled auditor who I think may also be a fellow Hoosier?? Either way, I thank you, and looking forward to watching all of your many contributions.

  10. Those test are subjective by Pd! Some of those cops have test on clipboard to check supposedly of fail there is NOT a box to check passed it doesn’t exist! Myself I can’t pass test 3 knee surgeries to1 knee & other needs surgery plus I have 2 back issues. Not all PD have portable breath test is bullshit they must take you into station!

  11. These cops so freaked out. Dude had his hands to the side and cop tells him to keep his hands out of his pockets, at no time did he put em in his pockets. Keeps bombarding him with commands. What a scam, even the cop can’t do it that’s why he can only do that for two seconds

  12. What I don't Innerstand is that, if you have not been drinking, and you know you haven't, why wouldn't you WANT to blow into a pipe, at least to show you are Innocent…………….

  13. Stupid pet tricks!
    The whole charade of FST us to incriminate yourself, there are no pass for these fail only tests. The officer will note "suspect had problems following my directions, his speech was incoherent…. and more!
    Take the blood test after he says he has no choice than to arrest you. The more his report misstated your behavior the worse it is for him.

  14. In a lot of states you do not have to do the roadside. In Michigan, it is a $150 civil penalty for refusing. Taking the station/hospital test, different story. Have to take it because you agreed when you got your license or face the criminal penalty….What I find interesting is that when you see cops getting pulled over for potential DUI, the majority will not take the test. It just provides more evidence to the cops/courts and they know it.

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