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Legendary Detroit wordsmith #RoyceDa59 recently announced that his new album titled #TheAllegory will drop later this month. As he discussed his sobriety, what motivates him and his relationship with #Eminem & #JoeBudden, he also defined success “post hip-hop” looks like to him. See more exclusives at https://TheMorningHustle.com! * Listen Live: https://themorninghustle.com/listen-live * Twitter: https://twitter.com/morninghustleam * Instagram: https://instagram.com/morninghustleshow * Facebook: https://facebook.com/morninghustleshow #TheMorningHustle
Originally posted on Youtube: Royce Da 5'9" Defines Success As "Peace Of Mind & Freedom"

5 thoughts on “Royce Da 5'9" Defines Success As "Peace Of Mind & Freedom"

  1. I just appreciate how authentic Royce is as a man first, and I think that is the reason that i gravitate so strongly towards his music. I also respect how accessable he is in public as well as on social media. He has so many bars that relate to my life or that i can at least relate to from life experiences as a 38 yr old man. When I first heard him rap over 20 yrs ago on the Slim Shady LP I immediately thought to myself "why isn't this dude got his own album yet because he is clearly very talented and in my opinion rapping better on this song than Em"! I later came to respect both Emcee's in their own right and still do to this day, but when it comes to answering who is my favorite rapper that checks all boxes of my preference that i want bumping in my truck on a daily basis, the sober version of Royce da 5'9 is the one who gets daily replay in my truck, headphones, house stereo, job site playlist, etc. This dude is a living legend in my eyes and I CAN'T F'ING WAIT FOR "THE ALLEGORY" to drop next weekend!!!!

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