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Sibelius: Symphony No. 5, original 1915 version, Dausgaard/Scottish BBC S.O. live repaired IN TWO PARTS (REASONS beyond our control) Link in conclusion as you play..! Sibelius conducted this first version on his 50th birthday on Dec 8th, 1915. He revised it in 1916 fusing the first two movements together, which were clearly in need of it. Very little is surviving from the 1916 version, and he published the final version in 1919. This version to me sounds much like Sibelius’s stage music, the kind of music he loved to compose. The consolidation of the themes was certainly a welcome move, here we are able to seem S. juggling about and removing the various themes, some of which may have been intended for the 2nd Violin concerto which apparently never got past a sketch stage. The famous Swan Theme in the conclusion is more prominent in the final version. As was his manner, he would have been thinking of his next symphony concurrently and mixing the themes for the 6th, which only appeared in 1923. After the largely “incomprehensible” 4th, the audience again welcomed a more conventional Sibelius. The 5th also terminated Sibelius’s 7-year sobriety, ultimately he got his drinking under control only in the late 1920s. Finnish audience are welcome to see this document: https://yle.fi/aihe/artikkeli/2015/10/10/sinfonia-nro-5-taivaan-mosaiikkipalat Art: Eero Järnefelt: “Saimi kedolla” (Saimi Järnefelt, his wife) Järnefelt was S’s brother-in-law.
Originally posted on Youtube: Sibelius: Symphony No. 5, original 1915 version, Dausgaard/Scott. BBC S.O. 2019 live repaired PART I

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