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Model Sobriety Jennifer Gimenez Jennifer’s story starts at 13 when she was discovered by a well-known photographer and quickly ascended to international stardom. She appeared on 100’s of magazine covers, in music videos for artists Mick Jagger, Prince, 2Pac, Lionel Richie and Babyface, TV shows such as The Young and The Restless, and in hit movies including Blow, Vanilla Sky, and Charlie’s Angels. Surrounded by a fast-paced Hollywood lifestyle, Gimenez eventually found herself at the mercy of drug & alcohol addiction. Both her personal and professional life spiraled out of control and her Hollywood dream had become a dark and lonely place. One day when she was on the way to meet with her dealer she accidentally stumbled into a 12 Step meeting and although she didn’t get sober at that time, the seed of recovery was planted. After years of failing to stay sober, she was convinced to go to treatment where she came under the care of Dr. Drew Pinksky, otherwise known as Dr. Drew. Though Jennifer had never worked professionally in recovery, Dr. Drew felt she was well-suited to the task of running the sober living facility depicted on the show Sober House. This lead Jennifer to where she is today, 14 years sober and one of the nation’s leading voices in addiction recovery. She recently became the official Recovery Advocate for addiction treatment provider A Better Life Recovery and has teamed up with her husband Tim Ryan to end addiction by traveling the country and sharing their experience, strength, and hope with those who need it most. You can learn more about Jennifer’s work with A Better Life Recovery at https://ABetterLifeRecovery.com Do you want to take your recovery to the next level? Sobriety Engine is an incredible free online community where you can find a ton of great tips, tools, and support from other men and women in recovery. Visit https://SobrietyEngine.com to join today. If you’re ready to get fit and start living a healthier lifestyle while supporting your sobriety then you can learn more about having Jonathan as your personal fitness and nutrition coach at https://RCVRHealth.com
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