I am Sobriety

With Sobriety, Anything is Possible!

Lyrics: Go back to the days sweeter than today I’m not saying my days aren’t sweet but my knuckles hurt when they bleed We all just trying to wash our hands clean from the germs from the viruses from hurt and lies that we living with hopes on the horizon but my backyards walls too tall I can’t see anything we all got dreams but like us all, those all seem quarantined we at a divide, it’s all about numbers who’s right, stay inside, just 2 weeks it could save lives, but why is no one listening, cuz everyday it gets tougher and I’m trying to get married by the summer we all stuck in this sh*t I should’ve been a plumber but thats probably why theres no more toilet paper We all need a savior My fiancé’s proof of that She’s supposed to be in France but now She’s beside me (chuckle) and I thank God for that. I get overwhelmed with anxiety worry plagues my sobriety it was my dads birthday yesterday and he just turned 70. my moms 64 but she’s on the frontline against an enemy she cant see with her own eyes. I’m selfish, stop saving others, save your own life. she’s a nurse, but she’d take me to church (metaphorically) cuz we practicing social distancing. She’s thinking about others and I’m thinking about my family. but it’s time to start thinking about the country. cuz everyones just like me. We all want safety for the ones we hold dearly. so if your not staying home for you. stay home for the nurses, the elderly, those over 65, for the immunocompromised. if you want to change the world then change your mind. if you want to change the world then change your mind. cuz staying at home. saves lives.
Originally posted on Youtube: Stay Home

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