I am Sobriety

With Sobriety, Anything is Possible!

Teresa Rodden is a certified personal coach, speaker, and founder of Pink Cloud Coaching established in 2012. She advocates for a Sober Revolution, normalizing sober by empowering people with tips, tools, and truth where addiction and abstinence are not required. Making sober the desired state of being for all people is how we end the stigma. Teresa offers an innovative approach and proven process that encourages you to LIVE life instead of “going through the motions” uncomfortably numb, often misusing alcohol. Her great love and gratitude for God and nature revive her spirit and give her the courage to stand for change. With a deep love for her friends and family, she continues to go after life sober. She and her husband, Rich, live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with their frosted face rescue dogs and cat. TeresaRodden.com Teresa@TeresaRodden.com
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