I am Sobriety

With Sobriety, Anything is Possible!

There is nothing better than being a sober dad, I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. There’s many dads out there who can have a beer every now and then and be just fine. I’m talking to the everyday drinker dad, the dad who knows or doesn’t know its an issue, the dad who wants to do better and be better, the dad who wants to cut back, the dad who wants to quit, but doesn’t know how. So how do we become sober dads? Be sure to check us out at www.ThatSoberGuy.com also connect with us on instagram @realthatsoberguy and on twitter @shaneramer How to Navigate the first 90 Days of Sobriety Digital Course. Enter the promo code HALFOFF at checkout to save $25 Need Help? Go to foundationshelp.com/soberguy or call 833-81-SOBER Get 20% off your first order by going to www.cleancause.com and entering the promo code SOBERGUY Thanks to our Sponsors: Foundations Recovery Network https://cleancause.com Humans Music (Show Intro) https://healthresearchfunding.org/startling-children-alcoholics-statistics/
Originally posted on Youtube: TSG Ep292 – Why Your Kids Need A Sober Dad

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