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With Sobriety, Anything is Possible!

VITALITY PROJECT with Dr. Bob Weathers Vitality: who of us does not want that? To live a fundamentally alive, yet deeply peaceful, resilient, creative, passionate, resourceful, truly healthy and happy existence! Welcome to an online community geared specifically to the needs of those, in recovery from any and all addictions, who now desire something more in their lives than simple sobriety. The core belief here is that our ultimate aim, our birthright as humans, is vitality, not just sobriety. That is, we wish to thrive, not simply survive! To that end, the Vitality Project (ViP) provides an entire range of practically useful resources – everything from mindfulness practice instructions to helpful information on addiction, recovery, and the brain – to subscribers at a very reasonable monthly fee. For less than the price of a single therapy session — you will receive: 1) daily recovery tips — video-recorded and emailed directly to you, plus archived centrally for easy access anytime — addressing topics crucial to your successful sustained recovery; 2) weekly group meetings — live, online gatherings of all subscribers — to include new group instruction, for example, in readily applicable mindfulness meditations, along with opportunity for real-time Q & A with Dr. Bob; and 3) access to a community forum 24/7 – online and confidential, open only to subscribers, and responded to daily by Dr. Bob and his ViP team, and 4) a special bonus with your own, mutually selected peer recovery ViP buddy, with whom you meet as often as the two of you would like. This ViP buddy supports and encourages your forward progress, right where “the rubber meets the road,” each and every day. Beyond the above format, what you get for your monthly subscription fee is Dr. Bob’s over 40 years of psychological and spiritual expertise funneled through his own, hands-on style of warm, caring, humorous, and inspiring leadership and mentoring. For much less than the price of a single psychotherapy session, you get an enormous and highly economical value each month of 4 hours of weekly group meetings, 2 or more hours of daily recovery tips, and access to both a private, online community forum 24/7 and your own peer recovery ViP buddy – all of this plus being responded to daily by Dr. Bob and the Vitality Project team. To summarize, the primary value to you, as subscriber, is two-fold: 1) innovative offerings geared for advancing your recovery lifestyle well beyond only sobriety; 2) intensive daily opportunities for interacting within a community of like-minded souls, including Dr. Bob and his team, all hand-selected for their commitment to vitality and genuinely thriving! So why hesitate? Choose to join this community that you have been longing to find, and discover for yourself the power of sharing and synergy – where the whole becomes even greater than the sum of its parts: the Vitality Project indeed!
Originally posted on Youtube: Utterly Miraculous | Rollin' Out of Bed With Dr. Bob

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