I am Sobriety

With Sobriety, Anything is Possible!

We couldn’t be more pumped up to sit down with one of our all time favorite singer/songwriters BJ Barham! BJ is the frontman of American Aquarium (with whom he has released 10 albums.. all of which hit super hard) and the writer of all their tunes.  We were lucky enough to catch BJ while he was in LA working on their latest album. During this sit down we talked about growing up in the south, sobriety, some parallels between comedy and music, how BJ almost quit the industry all together, gerrymandering, how we knew Trump was going to win, people who think they are conservative but aren’t, and of course… giving coffee to babies! wellredcomedy.com for all our tour dates and merch http://www.americanaquarium.com for all of BJ and crew’s dates, albums, march, info, yada yadda BUY ALL HIS SHIT ITS THE BEST
Originally posted on Youtube: WellRED Podcast #147 – From American Aquarium…. its BJ BARHAM!!!

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