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The Sinclair Method for alcohol addiction: https://www.youtube.com/c/EmbodyDaily Support this channel!: https://www.patreon.com/embodydaily 1×1 coaching sessions+online group meet ups: https://www.embodydaily.com Contact: EmbodyDaily@gmail.com | Instagram: embody_daily | Twitter: embodydaily Hey all! Thanks for tuning in. In this video, I talk about my experience with self sabotage and what I am learning as far as why I sabotage myself. Alcohol addiction was my greatest form of self sabotage for about a decade. Now that I am 6 months sober, I notice I still sabotage myself in other ways. Granted, they are less severe, but still causing me to feel unhappy, held back or unfulfilled at times. Little things like procrastination, over-indulging in food to numb out, overuse of technology and social media so I make myself feel down or depressed or bad about myself. And I realize I do these things because of fear. I am afraid of my own greatness. I think this is a common fear for many, fear of the unknown even though what’s waiting for us on the other side can be magnificent. Thanks for watching! SOME AMAZING RESOURCES BELOW: https://www.cthreefoundation.org – AMAZING RESOURCE FOR LIST OF TSM DOCTORS, LETTERS FOR YOUR DOCTOR, FAQ, TIPS, RIGHTS AND REGULATION AND MORE!! https://www.c3foundationeurope.org https://RiaHealth.com (my personal favorite! 🙂 I work with them and I think they have the best program available for people going on TSM or other medication assisted treatments) Claudia Christian’s TedTalk – How I Overcame Alcoholism: https://youtu.be/6EghiY_s2ts FACEBOOK SUPPORT: The Sinclair Method Warriors https://www.facebook.com/groups/440819179653592/ Your Choice, Your Recovery https://www.facebook.com/groups/livingalifeofchoice/ DOCUMENTARY – One Little Pill https://www.onelittlepillmovie.com BOOK – The Cure for Alcoholism by Dr Roy Eskapa http://a.co/5B4nxIp BLOG – Free Pigeon Press by Gary Bell: https://freepigeonpress.com https://www.the-sinclair-method.com http://optionssavelives.freeforums.net
Originally posted on Youtube: Why We Sabotage Ourselves and How to Stop | Self Sabotage and Fear of Being Great

7 thoughts on “Why We Sabotage Ourselves and How to Stop | Self Sabotage and Fear of Being Great

  1. Thank you for sharing this! Dr. Beckwith is amazing. What I'm realizing is that I can never reach my full potential until this addiction is gone. I have numerous issues to handle but AUD is the one that's stopping my progress. I'll start TSM this Wednesday! Thank you for your honesty and for sharing your series! I've started to video tape as well… can't post, however, until I'm off DUI probation. My probation officer would put me in jail if she knew I was doing this!! Blessings, Angel Girl!!

  2. Hey Katie!
    I Just want to say that your videos have been very inspiring and got me really determined to start this process!
    Today I FINALLY found a doctor that thought Nalprexone was a good idea!
    Alcohol, while I love it, has been such a hindrance in my life. While working, taking care of my two kids and studying for my masters it became unsustainable to be this foggy (I never realize the fact that I even am foggy until about 3 days off) all the time, not to speak about the cost of drinking 2-3 bottles of wine per day…
    I have been sober for 6 months to a year on a few occasions before out of guilt and stubbornness but have always ultimately failed.
    This is the first method that speaks to the logical thinker in me and I have high hopes! You're an inspiration!

  3. Hi Katie I wish two decades ago that i had the same ability to analyse, to stop and think where i was going with life rather than just taking another dive deeper into drugs and further alcohol abuse. maybe if I had been at home around family and not in Sydney and caught up on a certain scene… Well done Katie, you had another incredible year since you made this vid. thanks for the kind response to me on another vid more recently. I tried naltrexone a second time, just a 1/2 pill as should have been taken the first time, but still drank a whole bottle (it started off well, tasted delicious, but i didnt stop at a couple of glasses which should have been easy to do). i only drank because i thought i should so that i can work toward extinction but i just didnt feel like putting the poison in my body (at first). i felt hungover for two days. I have not had alcohol in the last 2+ weeks since then and don't crave it or think about it much. I am so shocked at the amt I used to pour down my gullet and it seems wasteful, antihealth, and unappealing. but this means I'm just abstaining not using the method. I know that I will carry a pill with me just in case everywhere I go, this seems like the main thing a person practising TSM must do. I'll be working in an inner city area near a few bars, for the next three months. but ive been so put off, by the hangovers! And i need to be able to work so can't rock up feeling tragic and unable to speak properly. I'll look for vids on whether these get easier. …not sure what to do. I'm going to find some AA meetings. I feel as if, as long as I am committed to taking N every single time I drink, then maybe it doesn't matter if that is only every six months. a friend has a party on a farm coming up and it's a weekend stay thing that'll be interesting. I don't know if i want to drink in that situation with people I don't know or be too hungover from the N to drive home! seeing the redosing vid you made was timely. thanks again for all the work, all of yourself! that you have poured into these vids. I wish Dr Sinclair were alive I was gutted to realise he had died and felt bad for him as he was relatively young. RIP Dr Sinclair. unsure if my you tube handle when you replied was humanimal or Debalina:) thanks either way !

  4. Could not had said it better….. Being an artist, your greatest challenge can be "what will the others think of my art while in the moment of creating"… I have two types of paintings, ones that I paint in fear of what others think, and then ones that I paint while "Being in the vortex" as abraham-hicks would say, being inspired and in the present moment with not a care about opinions,…..guess which ones sell? <wink> ;O) yep!

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