I am Sobriety

With Sobriety, Anything is Possible!

Original song by Resko Mend and MC Slim Temper. Follow and join the mailing list on Bandcamp – https://reskomend.bandcamp.com or get it on iTunes – https://apple.co/2NYV9On – more links below. iTunes https://apple.co/2NYV9On Bandcamp – (Follow me, join the mailing list, & name-your-own-price) http://reskomend.bandcamp.com Teespring https://teespring.com/stores/resko-mend LYRICS* YOU’RE SO POLITICAL Let’s see how long it takes before they demand that I conform Shut me down for speaking about sh*t that I saw on their platform Let’s see how many songs I can release and perform Before my reputation gets shredded and torn I’m hearing total idiots confess the things that they wanna I’m watching dumb little kids attack professors in Toronta You don’t like what I know but calling it out is my right And you reap what you f*cking sow So get your politics out of my life You’re using all the kids, and giving them anxiety You’re drunk with all your power and promoting sobriety You pretend to care for victims, and you’re jumping on the train Because you can travel far on all of their pain Oh no… you’re so political You sit alone at cafes and click away at your Redditor While I’m at home stoned with my friends watching Predator My girlfriend wakes up everyday and thinks of ways that she can better her, but you guys ghost reality like it’s one of your creditors You can’t see the light that bends inside a fraction of a second You refuse to check yourself, your mental process and perception You think the things you see represent accurate reflections And that’s how they trick your mind with simple Jedi misdirection You want to send me far away like Jon to the black watch Put me in a prison camp for all the things I thought Erasing all the art was your plan but it got botched Your point of view is so elusive, it’s a f*cking sasquatch Oh no… you’re so political Can you offer us something that’s better than this Or is your entire schtick just an emotional fit? Are you drawing up your plans with inferior wit? And how can I trust someone who says that nothing’s legit? You can log on to your laptop and see through a rocket You’re sitting around on campus with a cell phone in your pocket Your little narrative only seeks to justify Using race and gender politics to f*ck up people’s lives I don’t really care what they taught you at college I’ll keep repeating this sh*t until you internalize the knowledge I learned it from the Nazis, but I’m using it for good I shape a better world and make you act how you should Oh no… you’re so political I use cognitive dissonance against you like a tool To make you confused and make you my fool Because if I’m the one with the problem and the accusation Then I control the chaos and the changing situation My trigger warnings are really just threats Thinly veiled so you experience stress You’re afraid to step on the eggshells I’ve laid You best change your behaviour or experience pain Oh no… you’re so political You get far too much attention with your antics already Did I mention that your Mom and me are going steady? For like eight f*cking years and maybe longer than that We thought you were old enough now that you could understand Just where you belong and who wears the pants And who’s big swinging dick lays the laws in these lands And if you don’t like what I say then you better start to pack And hit the road bucko cuz you’ve got a brand new Dad No one can get through to you, and all the chances you had And now you’re all f*cked up, and I’m kicking your ass Oh no… you’re so political MAILING LIST* Bandcamp – (Join the mailing list when you download a song) http://reskomend.bandcamp.com PayPal (You can attach a message, or email address, to any transaction) https://tinyurl.com/y24se683 PayPal.me https://paypal.me/reskomend DONATE* Bandcamp – (You can name your price, when you download a song) http://reskomend.bandcamp.com PayPal (monthly recurring option) https://tinyurl.com/y24se683 PayPal.me https://paypal.me/reskomend OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA * Twitter https://twitter.com/reskomend Facebook https://tinyurl.com/y5xgaetn
Originally posted on Youtube: You're So Political (feat. MC Slim Temper) – RESKO MEND

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